Gronk has Fun During Offseason

Despite a season ending back injury to Star Tight End Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots continued to prove their dominance in the NFL and won yet another Super Bowl. While recovering from this terrifying injury, Gronk couldn’t play football, but that didn’t stop him from having fun in the meantime. He started off his fun by […]

Offseason Update #3

As it was expected, the New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl, tying them for second on the all time list. (Tied with Cowboys and 49ers, Top All time Steelers: 6) It is a custom for champions of all sports to visit the White House and be congratulated and meet our Commander in Chief. […]

Brady’s Jersey Found

On Monday, the NFL released a statement that a collaboration between New England Patriots’ security team and FBI recovered Tom Brady’s stolen Superbowl jersey, along with other memorabilia. The jersey had been missing for more than six weeks and was valued at $500,000 by the Houston Police. Along with the infamous jersey, a Brady Super […]

Offseason Update #2

After the unexpected and crazy trades that happened during the first week of the offseason, things seem to have settled down, for now. Last week the most notable trade for the New England Patriots, and possibly the whole NFL, was Brandin Cooks to the Patriots. Since then, a few more trades have happened involving the […]

Trade Alerts and Updates

Since the New League year started on Thursday, many crazy trades have happened, and its only been 3 days! The Patriots have, as always, been in the center of it all. To begin with, the picture above spoils one of the biggest trades for the Patriots. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks was traded from the Saints […]

Testing the Free Agency Waters

With yet another season gone by, and another Superbowl won, comes the devastating part of the offseason: releasing players and failing to extend other players’ contracts allowing them to become a free agent. But what is a free agent? A free agent is a sports player who is not bound to any contract, therefore allowing […]

Where is Tom Brady’s Jersey?

Following a historical and fantastic Super Bowl, Tom Brady took of his jersey and put it in a bag. When he returned to pick it up, he realized that it wasn’t there. The stolen jersey has a high and historic value, and should’ve been returned immediately. It is reported to be worth $500K, and along […]