Patriots in Top 100 NFL Players 2017

As is tradition, near the middle of every offseason, a group of professional analysts and writers will form to create a list of the Top 100 NFL players of that year. What follows is the Patriots in the list that have been released so far. As of today, the spots for 41-100 have been released. For future reference, one can watch future casi=rings of this on NFL Network on Mondays at 6PM PST.

Currently, there are 4 New England Patriots players on that list. They have all had tremendous seasons and are honored to be part of this honorable achievement.

#99 CB Malcolm Butler

Malcolm Butler is one of the most underrated cornerbacks in the league. However, he gets all his work done silently. He is the Patriots’ #1 cornerback, and has the job of covering the opposing team’s star wide receiver. This 2017 season, Butler recorded 48 tackles. Although he is a cornerback, Malcolm also had 1 sack this season. Malcolm Butler recorded 4 interceptions with a combined 28 yards in returns. However, his most noteworthy achievement is shutting down the NFL’s top receivers throughout the entire season.

#94 MLB Dont’a Hightower

Hightower is a seasoned veteran of the New England Patriots. He has become an essential player and playmaker on the defensive side of the football. This shotcalling and playmaking, led to the strip sack that swung the momentum in favor of the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. This season, Hightower had a total of 65 tackles. dont’a recorded 2.5 sacks and force one safety (worth 2 points).

#80 RB LeGarrette Blount

Blount had a phenomenal breakout season this past year. He set multiple career highs and took over the offense at the beginning of the year  while Brady was suspended, leading them to a 3-1 start (without Brady). Blount ran for a career high of 1,161 rushing yards in his stellar season. He also recorded 18 touchdowns, which is more than double of any other of his seasons. ALong with that, he had steady hands, having only fumbled the ball twice this season. Blount also recorded 38 receiving yards this season.

#71 WR Julian Edelman

Despite his small frame, Edelman is a star wide receiver. Julian was able to make plays this season that led to the Patriots success. An example of this is that incredible catch he had in Super Bowl 51. He set a career high in receiving yards this season at 1,106. He only had 3 touchdowns, but that is because he puts the team before himself, and doesn’t call for the ball when he knows someone has a better chance of catching the football. Edelman also recorded 57 rushing yards this season.

The list is not finished yet. Find out who made the cut Mondays at 9PM ET on NFL Network.



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