Staying on Top of the Game


The Patriots and Head Coach Bill Belichick are known to be tight on money, and cutting those (players) from the roster, who ask for just a little too much. In other words, if your name isn’t Tom Brady, then you are expendable. Traditionally, the Patriots have at least one undrafted free agent make the roster. One of the most famous undrafted free agents is Superbowl 49 hero, Malcolm Butler. This Friday, the Patriots announced their 19-member undrafted free-agent class. This is the New England Patriots’ largest undrafted class in a while. The players that made the class are as followed:

  • DT Josh Augusta (Missouri)
  • DT Adam Butler (Vanderbilt)
  • WR Austin Carr (Northwestern)
  • OT Cole Croston (Iowa)
  • RB LeShun Daniels Jr. (Iowa)
  • LB Ellis Brooks (Arkansas)
  • WR Cody Hollister (Arkansas)
  • TE Jacob Hollister (Wyoming)
  • OT Andrew Jelks (Vanderbilt)
  • DB David Jones (Richmond)
  • CB D.J. Killings (Central Florida)
  • G Jason King (Purdue)
  • LB Harvey Langi (BYU)
  • DB Kenny Moore (Valdosta State)
  • OT Max Rich (Harvard)
  • DB Dwayne Thomas (Louisiana State)
  • DB Jason Thompson (Utah)
  • DB Damarius Travis (Minnesota)
  • DE Corey Vereen (Tennessee)

Of all these Players, Langi is a strong candidate to make the 53 man final roster in September. The Patriots have guaranteed Langi $100,000 of his base salary. In addition, New England gave Langi a $15,000 signing bonus. This signifies that he drew attention from many teams.

On another note, the Patriots draft was a couple of picks away from being nonexistent. However, a team of NFL professionals; including scouts and analysts, gave the Patriots a high grade of an A. Although New England only drafted 3 players this draft can be seen as insane and unfair for the Patriots, if you include Brandin Cooks, Kony Ealy and Dwayne Allen — three guys New England landed via trade earlier this offseason in exchange for Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4. Belichick chose to invest in versatile veterans rather than young players that are not guaranteed to stay in New England. As for the players he did draft, Belichick acquired what he seems to like in Rivers and Wise — two versatile, front-seven defenders who can shift throughout a defense. He also selected two massive offensive linemen — Garcia (6-foot-6) and McDermott (6-8), insurance for the offensive line, who may lose a few players throught the next few years.

What other grade can be given to a team that is nearly guaranteed to make the playoffs every year? And by doing the same thing every year.



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