Trading or Trolling?


Having acquired deadly weapons this offseason, the Patriots are still interested and/or have talked to many different possible future Patriots. However, with the Patriots recent “interests” in many AFC East players, the lone burning question remains: Are the Patriots still looking for running back help or are they merely trying to troll the rest of the AFC East (and the whole NFL)? According to Ian Rapoport, the New England Patriots recently hosted Mike Gillislee, a Buffalo Bill Running Back, to a visit. Gillislee has plenty of potential, and recently had what we would consider his breakout season with the Bills. This is supported by the fact that the Buffalo Bills organization recently placed a 5th round tender on the talented running back.

However, nobody knows what mastermind (Head Coach) Bill Belichick is up to. The Patriots recently signed Rex Burkhead, and the Future Hall of Fame Running Back, Adrian Peterson, visited and worked out with New England a couple of weeks ago. That raises up the previously mentioned question.With plenty of weapons in the backfield, are the Patriots really interested in Mike, or is Belichick just trying to troll everybody, specially the rest of the AFC East. New England has no need for fullbacks either, having recently signed Mike Tolbert and Patrick DiMarco to their already dynamic backfield.

If nothing else, the Gillislee visit is a win-win for the New England Patriots. Having already gobbled up one of the Bills’ best defensive free agents in Stephon Gilmore (Cornerback), this is yet another shot up north. The Bills will now have to prepare for the possibility that the Patriots make Mike Gillislee an offer and Legarrette Blount will have to seriously consider the fact that the New England Patriots are ready and willing to move on without him. Furthermore, this move by the Patriots sends a message to the NFL of not to get in the way of dominance.

In other News, Devin McCourty’s twin, Jason, is looking to join the New England Patriots. “I’m excited for him. I was hoping he would be out of Tennessee a couple years ago just to experience something different,” the Patriots safety said Friday at Boston University’s Play it Forward summit, per the Boston Herald. “I think obviously now everyone is saying ‘he’s going to come here, he should come here.’ But you never know. I hope we’re interested in him.” -Devin McCourty on his brother leaving Tennessee

We all know many of Bill Belichick’s philosophies: Making himself stronger by weakening those around him, Taking away your best weapon to win games, and of course the infamous NO DAYS OFF!!!



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