Where is Tom Brady’s Jersey?

Image result for tom brady missing jersey

Following a historical and fantastic Super Bowl, Tom Brady took of his jersey and put it in a bag. When he returned to pick it up, he realized that it wasn’t there. The stolen jersey has a high and historic value, and should’ve been returned immediately. It is reported to be worth $500K, and along with the Houston Police department, the Texas Rangers have been asked to help with the investigation. The authorities have also reported, if someone is caught with the jersey they could be facing a first degree felony.

Even Patriots owner Robert Kraft had something to say to the potential thief, “It’s very sad to me that someone would do something like this, and it’s like taking a great Chagall or Picasso or something. You can never display it.” Mr. Kraft uses words of reason to try to reach out to the thief, but it may be used against them. “And somehow, I feel there’ll be some news that’ll clear this up in the not too distant future I hope it’ll be cleared up soon. I think that a lot of people spend a lot of time looking into the matter and what happened, and I’d rather not say anything that would cause any problems in the work that’s been done. One way or another that jersey will be back.” First of all, whoever stole the jersey can’t wear it, because everyone is looking for it. Second the thief cannot go to sell it at a thrift shop, because it is too risky. Finally, if the thief turns it in, which is the right thing to do, you may be victim of the media, or have criminal charges pressed against you.

However, just as Tom Brady didn’t lose hope against the Falcons, he has not lost hope in finding his missing jersey. Last Wednesday, he put the investigation in his own hands and posted a picture of his suspect board on Instagram, in hopes that someone might recognize the suspect with a number of set choices.

However, after posting this picture on Instagram it is clear he cares less about the jersey than originally believed. There are plenty of references to pop culture including  Lord of the Rings, Billy Madison, Jaws,  Lady Gaga, The Office, and even Air Buds. Furthermore, the only conclusions we can pull from this suspect board, is the further proof that Tom Brady doesn’t care about his missing jersey as much as other people.







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