Superbowl LI Champions

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick

5 months ago, Patriots fans, including myself, were enraged at the unjustful action of giving the greatest quarterback of all time a 4 game suspension. Now, we are all rejoicing after we have triumphantly won the Superbowl. With a terrible 1st half for the Patriots and  terrible Super Bowl commercials, I was on the verge of tears. Furthermore, when Tevin Coleman scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, making the score 28-3 in favor of Atlanta, it looked as if it was the final nail in the coffin.

Then, out of the darkness, came a shining white knight, and his name was…Tom Brady. It was a third and long, Brady known for his inability to run, scrambled for 15 yards converting into a vital 1st down. He continued to drive down the field and scored a touchdown, however, the Greatest kicker of all time, Stephen Gostkowski, missed the extra point, making the score 28-9.

With only 1 quarter left (15 minutes), the Pats drove for 72 yards, but had to settle for a field goal, after Tom Brady was sacked. At this point the score was 28-12, and it looked as if the Patriots weren’t going to have enough time, needing two scores to tie the game.

Then, out of nowhere, All Star Linebacker Dont’a Hightower, blew past Devonta Freeman and knocked the ball out of Matt Ryan’s hand, New England recovered, and started at Atlanta’s 25 yard line. Tom Brady immediately made the Falcons pay for their turnover with a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. Needing to go for 2 points, the patriots made a trick wildcat play, in which the ball was directly snapped to James White who ran it in for the conversion. The score became 28-20, with only one score needed to tie the game. Houston, we have a pr.. ourselves a ballgame.

With only 5:56 left, opposing receiver, Julio Jones made an insane catch, the Falcons were in Field Goal range. All seemed lost. Then, Left Tackle Jake Matthews had an obvious holding penalty called on him, which caused Atlanta to punt and give the G.O.A.T. one last chance.

If you thought, Julio Jones catch was hard to top, Julian Edelman’s is literally impossible. Her made a spectacular 23 yard catch, that you cannot describe with words, and must see it with your own eyes.

This catch got the Patriots to the 41 Yd line of Atlanta, with only 2 minutes left. All fans, no matter whether Atlanta, or New England were shocked and nervous. Tom Brady drove them to the endzone, and James White completed the drive with a touchdown, however their work was not done yet, they still needed a two point conversion. Well, the GOAT did just that, not only did he find Amendola for 2, but also drew the defensive end offside, which would’ve given them another chance if necessary.

57 seconds left on the clock, the defense stepped it up once again and forced the Falcons to punt. The Patriots tried to get in a trick play but failed forcing the game to go to overtime. At this point, history had already been made, this was the first overtime in Super Bowl history, Brady has the most pass attempts and pass yards in Super Bowl history, but the sweetest record breaking was yet to happen.

The Patriots won the coin flip and all was set to begin overtime. Tom brady drove the Pats to the 2 yard line, were James whit gave all his effort and capitalized the points. It was over, the Patriots had won their 5th Superbowl. Also, Tom Brady led the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history after being down by 25 points. Tom Brady proved that he is the Greatest of All Time.



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