Pats Clinch #1 Seed


Tom Brady and the New England Patriot have done it again. They never cease to amaze not only me but the millions of NFL fans in the Unites States. At the beginning of Week 17, there were two paths for the Patriots to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. THe first was to win or tie against the Miami Dolphins. The second was for the Oakland Raiders to lose or tie.(The Pats didn’t have to win in the second scenario.) Both of these scenarios happened and the Patriots stayed at the #1 seed, while the Raiders fell 3 spots to the #5 seed. Next week (Wild Card Weekend) they will be having a well-deserved week off, while 4 AFC teams will battle it out to stay in the playoffs.

The Week 17 finale was also a spectacular day for both sides of the ball for Patriots football. Tom Brady completed 25 passing attempts for 3 touchdowns and 276 yards. Legarrette Blount also punched in a touchdown in the red zone. On the receiving side of the ball Julian Edelman had 151 yards, including a 77 yard touchdown.(With some help from Michael Floyd). Speaking of Michael Floyd he also had a touchdown and had a monster block which helped Edelman take a 77 yard pass to the house.

Tight End Martellus Bennett also had a receiving touchdown.

On the other side of the football, cornerback Logan Ryan had an interception against Backup QB, Matt Moore. This New England Patriots team is in their prime and it doesn’t look like they’ll slow down anytime soon. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are indisputably the Greatest Quarterback-Head coach combo of the NFL history. Tom Brady is looking to make history in becoming the oldest player to win the NFL’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award this season at age 39. Their offense is ranked amongst the TOp 10 in all of the offensive categories. They are ranked 3rd in points, 4th in total yards, 4th in passing yards and 7th in rushing yards.The defense is also ranked 1st in the NFL in points allowed and 4th in allowed rushing yards. The momentum is fast and high for the Patriots, but will it carry through a bye week to the divisional round? Bill Belichick made sure of it. During the regular season week 17 finale he did not rest his starters. For any of you who have any doubts or questions, Bill Belichick will be more than happy to ignore them.



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