Week 16 Update


After a huge and vengeful win in Denver, the New England Patriots continue their quest for dominance in the NFL. This win was revenge for last year’s AFC Conference Championship in Denver, which led the Broncos to a Superbowl. With this win, the Patriots have clinched the AFC East Division and most importantly a first round bye in the AFC playoffs. They are currently in the lead for the home field advantage throughout the playoffs advantage, but the Raiders are right at their heels. Tom Brady and the Patriots can clinch it with the following 2 situations. The first scenario is the Patriots must win and the Raiders must lose or tie to the Indianapolis Colts. The second scenario is very similar. New England could tie, but the Raiders would have to lose to the Indianapolis Colts- something unlikely but possible.


After back to back victories to #1 defenses, Tom Brady is dominating the MVP Race. With only two games left in the regular season, Tom Brady leads both the NFL.com and ESPN MVP rankings in Week 16. An easy two games left against division rivals of New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins can make or break Tom Brady’s MVP bid and #1 seed in the AFC(again). Although he didn’t have the greatest stats this past weekend with 188 yards and 0 touchdowns, he played a better game than these numbers show, and “adjusted to the Broncos’ game plan in the second half like few quarterbacks can.” Although they failed to pick up the #1 seed last year there is a huge difference, the New England Offensive Line is playing well.

A few weeks after picking up receiver Michael Floyd, the Patriots are set to use him as a reserve receiver against the Jets. After being arrested for a DUI, Floyd was cut by the struggling Arizona Cardinals, and was claimed off waivers by the New England Patriots. The Patriots have the luxury of already having clinched a first round bye to put this receiver to the test. Despite being arrested, Floyd has only missed one game and seems as if he is ready to play against the Jets. Michael Floyd can be a HUGE pickup for the Patriots, as they have recently lost Rob Gronkowski to a season ending injury. This 6 foot 2 receiver is a gamble, but it will pay off if hee can make some explosive plays in the playoffs. With all this being said, the Patriots will likely be an enjoyable team to watch in the playoffs.






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