Week 15 Scenarios + MVP Race


Once again, the New England Patriots have a chance to clinch a playoff spot. The difference this time is that it is very more likely. Despite the Dolphins’ win last night against the New York Jets, New England can clinch the division title by simply winning or tying against the Denver Broncos. This would mean their 19th division title (most in AFC East) and a playoff spot within the top 4 places in the AFC. Likewise, New England can also clinch a first-round bye this weekend. All they have to do is win, win, win, (or tie) no matter what.This would clinch them a bye round during Wild Card weekend and be back to play during the divisional round. This would also lock them as one of the Top 2 seeds in the AFC playoffs. However, this may prove to be a daunting task as this Championship defense is ranked 1st against passing yards allowing only a stingy amount of an average of 183.5 yards per game. That defense may also b their downfall. They are currently ranked 29th place in allowed rushing yards with 127.2 yards per game. With RB like Legarrette Blount and Dion Lewis, this defense Achilles’ Heel may be exploited. Running is also a problem  on the other side of the ball for Denver. They average 93.8 yards per game, 27th in the NFL. Despite clearly being the best matchup in the league this week, this game will not be broadcasted in Primetime.


After an incredible win in Primetime, Tom Brady has solidified his position at the front of the MVP race. He is atop the NFL and ESPN MVP rankings. During Monday Night Football, Tom Brady completely obliterated a stingy Baltimore defense. He threw for over 400 yards and had three touchdowns without his safety shield: Rob Gronkowski. Despite having missed the first quarter of the season due to an unjustful suspension, Brady is now leading the MVP Race at age 39. If he can accomplish this feat and win the Superbowl he will clearly be established as the Greatest Of All Time. Brady’s games when he returned from suspension have been fun to watch, many will call it his revenge tour. Brady plays exceedingly well, but when he is angry you do not want to be on the same field as him. The New England Patriots have had a fantastic season and another AFC East division title would be the frosting on the cake.





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