History is Made By TB 12


Last Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams was interesting, unforgettable, and historical. The Patriots Defense is on a run and allowed only 10 points and had two takeaways with interceptions from Cornerback Malcolm butler and Outside Linebacker Kyle Van Noy. The Patriots offense continued to prove that they are the most dominant in the AFC with 269 passing yards and a touchdown from star quarterback Tom Brady. Running Back Legarrette Blount also made his appearance with 88 rushing yards and one touchdown. This win brought the Patriots record up to 10-2 and with the Raiders loss on Thursday night made them the #1 seed in the Playoff Picture for the AFC.

untitled-2This might seem like a normal win for all the non-Patriots and non-Tom Brady fans, but this win was also Brady’s 201st win as a starting quarterback. With this Week 13 win against the Rams, the Greatest Quarterback oAll Time-the G.O.A.T. has broken the record for the most wins as a starting quarterback. In simpler words he has become the Winningest Quarterback in NFL history. Last Sunday he surpassed the Great Peyton Manning’s record of 200 wins as a starting quarterback. Tom Brady, 39, has had a great career and he plans to continue to play up to 10 more years. This record has proven to any doubters that he is undoubtedly the greatest man to play at the position of quarterback in the sport of football.

With only 4 games left on the regular season the Patriots have a chance to secure their division. They have two paths.The first possibility is they must win their game against an astounding Baltimore ravens defense and the Miami dolphins must Tie or lose to the struggling Arizona Cardinals. The other path is very similar but slightly closes the window of opportunity and is ess preferable. The New England Patriots tie their game and the Miami dolphins must lose their game. The Patriots also have a chance to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs, meaning they can clinch a spot in the top 2 seeds. For this, the Patriots must win and the Dolphins must lose or tie as previously stated, but the Pittsburgh Steelers who are currently on a run must lose or tie their game against the Buffalo Bills. This may seem a very unlikely scenario to many football fans, but it has been proven that time and time again, anything is possible in the NFL.






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