Rob Gronkowski Out for the Season


Star Tight End Rob Gronkowski will likely be out for the rest of the season after undergoing a serious back surgery. This came after the game against the New York Jets, but likely may have been caused by the hit he received by Kam Chancellor against the Seattle Seahawks. This is a serious loss for the New England Patriots having 25 receptions for 405 yards and 3 touchdowns. Stats alone cannot paint the picture, throughout the season he has helped block star quarterback Tom Brady and has been a leader on offense. Also, many will argue that he is the voice of the Patriots, such as Draymond Green is the voice of the Warriors.

The ‘Gronk’ was officially placed on Injured Reserve today(Sunday) and he has decided to instead of fighting to be back for the AFC championship game or the Superbowl, his family and he will getaway, get fully healthy, get back for 2017.

According to Dr. Robert Watkins, the surgery Friday to repair his herniated disk was successful, but the Tight End’s future just got  very difficult and very complicated. The New England Patriots plan for him to be on the team in 2017 and beyond, but his extended vacation will give him time to think through this situation. Gronkowski has had an amazing career. Throughout it he has caught 505 throws for 6,095 yards and 69 touchdowns. He was also on pace to break the record for most receiving touchdowns by a tight end in a career.

Of course, with every big event, the fans will always respond. The following are real comments from real Patriots fans after they learned about Rob Gronkowski’s season ending injury.


These are a few of the many comments. Most Patriots fans are  in despair, including myself. Without Gronkowski, Tom Brady’s passer rating has dropped 20.1 points in the past. Also, this will setback our hopes to be a Superbowl contender, with the Dolphins to games back and on a winning streak since October. The fans are clearly going crazy, but the real question is how is Gronk reacting to all this.

Despite recently having had a surgery, Gronkowski is already ready to hit the dance floor. On a recent Instagram post he is shown walking with the aid of a walker saying, “Dance floor tomorrow night, here I come.” This shows how upbeat Rob is trying to stay and hopes to make a full and speedy recovery.


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