NFL Week 12: Will Brady Play? + Injury Report


After a 30-17 win on Week 11 against the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots move up to an 8-2 record. Tom Brady Star quarterback for the Patriots threw for 280 yards and 4 touchdowns. Brady is a Bay Area native, but this was the first game he played in San Francisco since being drafted in 2000. Now, the future HOF (Hall of Famer), is listed as questionable for tomorrow’s divisional match-up against the Jets. He reported to practice yesterday (Friday) with a knee injury. As always, when prompted by reporters, head coach Bill Belichick snarkily addressed them. He responded to them with this,”We’ll list Tom [Brady] on the injury report like we always do, like everybody else,” Belichick said Friday. “Is that the answer you were hoping for? … OK, good. I don’t want to disappoint you.” When prompted, Brady gave a simple, “We’ll see.” The good news is that Brady was seen back at practice, somewhat limited, but otherwise ready to go.


Currently tied for the #1 playoff seed in the AFC with the Oakland Raiders, the Patriots hope to have Brady back to possibly  regain control of the AFC. Despite missing the first four games of the season due to a suspension, Tom Brady is still in the running for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Tom has 1915 passing yards and 16 passing touchdowns. To accompany that he has only 1 interception this season and a passer rating of 123.3 (158.3 being a perfect passer rating).

I am also looking at other significant injuries that the patriots have as of Friday. Superstar Tight End Rob Gronkowski is listed questionable with a lung injury, which he suffered in the Week 10 thriller against Seattle. Star tight End Martellus Bennett is also questionable with an ankle and shoulder injury. Also on the questionable list are receivers Julian Edelman with a foot injury and Chris Hogan with a back injury. Completely ruled out is special teams superstar Matthew Slater.

Going into a match up with the 3-7 Jets without these players can be risky. The New York Jets are division rivals and with a poor record have nothing to lose. Division rivalries always end up being thrilling and close to the wire. With one day left till Sunday’s match up, we have no other option that to wait and see. Coach Bill Belichick always seems to have some trick p his sleeve, especially when he doesn’t have his star players.


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