Patriots in Top 100 NFL Players 2017

As is tradition, near the middle of every offseason, a group of professional analysts and writers will form to create a list of the Top 100 NFL players of that year. What follows is the Patriots in the list that have been released so far. As of today, the spots for 41-100 have been released. […]

Concealing Concussions

At age 39, Tom Brady, the greatest of all time, continues to look at his best after recently leading his team to a 5th Super Bowl win. In many interviews, Brady has commented on playing on at least until his mid-40s. However, this quest greatly depends on the health of this future Hall of Famer. […]

The Madden Curse

After one of the craziest seasons in NFL history, followed the most entertaining Super Bowl in NFL history. After leading a historic 25 point comeback, Tom Brady solidified himself as the Greatest Quarterback in NFL history, alsos known as the G.O.A.T. Just this Friday (May 12), EA Sports tweeted out the expected cover for the […]

Staying on Top of the Game

The Patriots and Head Coach Bill Belichick are known to be tight on money, and cutting those (players) from the roster, who ask for just a little too much. In other words, if your name isn’t Tom Brady, then you are expendable. Traditionally, the Patriots have at least one undrafted free agent make the roster. One […]

The Draft…What Draft?

The New England Patriots are obviously the best team in professional football…ever. They are led by the master tactician and their head coach Bill Belichick. In the beginning of the offseason, the Patriots gave up their first and second round picks in the 2017 NFL draft. Following a passive/aggressive coaching style, the Patriots opted to […]

Aaron Hernandez Found Dead in Jail

On April 19, the champion New England Patriots were set to visit the White House. They did end up visiting, not all of them, the White House and current president Donald Trump. However, on the same day, tragedy struck. Former NFL star and New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life […]

Trading or Trolling?

Having acquired deadly weapons this offseason, the Patriots are still interested and/or have talked to many different possible future Patriots. However, with the Patriots recent “interests” in many AFC East players, the lone burning question remains: Are the Patriots still looking for running back help or are they merely trying to troll the rest of […]